About Me

Hi my name’s Abby, I’m a 16 year old girl, born and bred in the English countryside. I love to write about all things makeup/beauty, lifestyle and occasionally fashion. I add in some photo’s and the odd, incredibly cheesy joke, and well that’s about it really. I also, most importantly have a very strange and very intense obsession with Guinea Pigs, they’re just so cute! So now that you know a little bit about me, why don’t you give my little ol’ blog a follow? if you like what you see of course! I’d really appreciate it!

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You can follow me on all my social media:

twitter: @ImperfectBeaut3

pintrest: abigailroyal

imagoo: abbyroyal

tumblr: http://www.andthecoloursfadetoblack.tumblr.com/

Any other inquiries etc can be emailed to me at: abigailroyal@outlook.com

Thanks so much for visiting guys, why don’t you follow me and stay a while?

Big Hugs and Huge Love,



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