Trends for Hair Spring/Summer 2014

Hey guys! I know its been a while I’m really sorry for the delay, so much has been happening for me its been impossible to blog, but I’m back and ready to throw myself into posting regularly again for you!


For this first post back I’m going to continue on the trilogy I had started of Trends for Spring/Summer 2014. I’ve already written a post about the Makeup trends for this Spring/Summer season, you can check it out here. So today I’m going to move on to talking about my 5 favourite trends for hair this season!


  1. Mermaid Waves:  Mermaid waves have always been the big thing’ but I feel they are even better for Spring/Summer as they look relaxed and effortless but gorgeous all at the same time. They are also so easy to achieve and look great on 2nd/3rd day hair! There are many different techniques to accomplish relaxed, beachy, mermaid waves. Firstly, one easy way is simply to curl your hair with either your tongs or curling wand and then to ad some salt spray for some texture. Then gently brush out the curls with your fingers/a wide tooth comb and then sleep on them. Another really easy way is simply to plait/braid your hair either in pigtails or French braids whilst your hair is 80% dry after washing and then sleep in your braids/plaits. The next morning you will have the perfect mermaid waves to style however you wish! As seen at Diane von Furstenburg, J Mendel and Calvin Klein Collection.






2. Mid-length Cuts: These are right on trend for S/S 2014.  They’re great if you’re growing out a bob (like me) or if you just fancy a change from super long locks but don’t want to go for anything to crazy. They’re also super easy to maintain, take less time to blow or air dry and you can still achieve a variety of styles/up do’s with the length you have. They also look great curly/wavy or straight!  As seen at Ralph Lauren, Diane von Furstenburg



3. Accessorise: It’s all about the hats, headbands, scarves, and floral garlands this S/S and anything that helps a bad hair day is something wonderful I’ll say! Floral garlands and hats are definitely going to be my favourite  ways to accessorise this Summer. Floral garlands just ooze that festival, laid back vibe perfect if you’re attending Latitude, Reading or any of the other festivals during the summer months. As seen from the second picture they can even be great for a summer wedding, when paired with an elegant, intricate up do. Hats are also a great piece to add something sophisticated and grown up to an outfit whilst also being super practical at protecting the sensitive skin of your scalp, face and neck! As seen at Dolce and Gabbana.



4. Messy Plaits: These are a lifesaver on a bad hair day or if you’re running late and just don’t have time. It looks as if you’ve made an effort when in fact it’s a 20 second thrown together plait!  You can easily dress these up too, if you’re transferring from work to a dinner and they also pair really well with the mermaid wave idea, day 1 hair= a messy, easy plait, day 2 hair= beachy, texturised mermaid waves. As seen at Rachel Zoe and Giles.


5. Retro Curls: Again another fantastic cheat to use for your first day hair as you can achieve easy mermaid waves on day 2 by simply sleeping on these bouncy ‘perfect’ curls! 70’s style is going to be big this S/S and these retro curls are the perfect way to tie that trend into an outfit if you don’t fancy the fashion so much.These curls are easily achievable with a wand or tongs, or even the truly old fashioned way of pin curls or rags! There are millions of YouTube tutorials on these techniques. Just be sure to use a hair oil, like Argon oil before you go ahead an curl to protect your hair from heated hair tools as well as to fight the frizz! As seen at Holly Fulton and Maria Grachvogel.



I hope you guys enjoyed this post and seeing what my favourite trends are for this Spring/Summer season! Let me know which is your favourite or any other ideas you have that could work! I will speak to you  in my next post and I promise this time it will only be a few days, not nearly 2 months! 

Big hugs and Huge Love, 









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